In-Depth Freight Broker Training Course

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Class Overview

Freight Movers School's freight broker school is pleased to offer a comprehensive, four day training course for beginners.

Learn everything you need to know in order to start your own brokerage from home with our intensive and in-depth course.

All the tools and resources you need

We provide all the tools and resources for you so that you can begin your home-based business with all the support you need. Upon graduation, if you prefer, placement is available with a licensed freight brokerage as an agent.

Other freight broker schools simply turn out graduates with no resources and no job, but we want all of our students to be successful. Read more about our school and five-day training class and fill out an application for information today!

Our In-Depth, hands on class prepares you to work from home as a freight broker or agent.

Class Topics

  • How to set up your brokerage
  • Broker/Agent role
  • Working from home as an Agent for a Broker or Carrier
  • Perspectives of moving freight
  • Drivers view of cargo movement
  • Brokers view of working with Shippers & Carriers
  • Phone skills
  • Basic sales skills
  • Market your Services
  • Calculate rates
  • Negotiate rates with Shippers and Carriers
  • Book freight - how to find it - how to move it
  • Find out what parts of the country are "freight-hot" and where it is not
  • How to properly fill out load sheets
  • Post loads
  • Find trucks
  • Dispatch
  • Load-matching and Internet Tools & Load Boards: How to use these effectively
  • Numerous ways to find freight
  • Finance your Accounts Receivable for cash flow
  • Free or discounted software and valuable services to get you started & keep you moving forward
  • Employment options/Assistance
  • Handle claims
  • Daily accounting: billing/payables/receivables/ledger
  • Collections procedures
  • Keep your brokerage solvent
  • Develop credibility with honesty, integrity, and service (did I mention service!)
  • And of course, set up and manage your office
  • As part of this course-work, you will leave here with tools and a business plan
  • Much more!

Tuition Cost: $3000.00 Per Person

*** Special Rate - Recession Special: $2250.00 Per Person ***
Plus, if you ALSO take our Focus On Sales In-Classroom course (normally priced at an additional $250 per person) in combination with our In-Depth Freight Broker course, we offer Combination Course Discounts to the following:
Combination Course: In-Depth Freight Broker Course PLUS Focus On Sales In-Classroom Course
  • Combination
    Course Discounts
  • Military
  • Multiples
  • Discount
  • $150
  • $200
  • $500
  • Combo Course Tuition
    After Discount
  • $2350
  • $2300
  • $2000

*Discounts must be claimed at the time of registration. Only one type of discount may be used. Proof of membership/service must be provided to the school within 48 hours of registration, otherwise course discount will be removed. OOIDA members must provide their valid membership card. Military discount applies to all U.S. active duty/guard/reserve military members, retired military members, and honorably discharged military veterans. Proof of service must be provided with either valid military ID or a DD214. Dependents are not eligible for this discount. The “multiples” discount applies to two or more students who will be attending the same course together.

The class was excellent and went above and beyond my expectations. Not only do you learn the ins & outs of brokering, but you learn life lessons and how to be a premier broker & run an honest business. Elliott (Dugger) was the best teacher I have ever encountered (and I have encountered a lot after 7 years of college).

Karen B.

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In-Depth Freight Broker Training Course Calendar

Read below to find out when and where this course will be offered as well as a detailed list of topics for each day of freight broker training.

In-Depth Broker Class & "Focus On Sales" Schedule for 2016

  • Dallas, TX
  • Feb 8-11
  • Apr 11-14
  • June 6-9
  • Aug 8-11
  • Oct 3-6
  • Dec 5-8
  • Dallas Sales
  • Feb 12
  • Apr 15
  • June 10
  • Aug 12
  • Oct 7
  • Dec 9
  • Atlanta, Ga
  • Jan 11-14
  • Mar 7-10
  • May 2-5
  • Jul 11-14
  • Sep 12-15
  • Nov 14-17
  • Atlanta Sales
  • Jan 15
  • Mar 11
  • May 6
  • July 15
  • Sep 16
  • Nov 18


  • Orientation
  • Overview of the brokerage as a business.
  • Developing and Instilling
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Service
    • Negotiating
    • Information
  • The broker/freight agent similarity to the Real Estate broker/agent and Insurance broker/agent
    • The need to be Detail Oriented
    • The pressures on a broker and agent
  • Overview of the Workbook/Textbook and Legal Terminology and Scenarios
    • A Brief History of the Brokerage
    • “Why become a Broker/Agent”
    • Working from Home
    • Overview of the terminology used in Business
  • The basics
    • The Equipment
    • The Shipper
    • The Consignee
    • The Carrier
    • The Freight
    • Dispatching
    • Payables & Receivables
  • Getting Started
    • Methods to Prospect for Shippers
    • Qualifying the Shipper
    • Developing Rates
    • Terms and Conditions
    • The Load Set Up Sheet
    • Building the Shipper packet
    • Building the Carrier Packet


  • Questions and Answers (Review)
  • Shippers
    • Marketing (10 sources for finding Shippers)
    • Contacting the Shipper
    • Prospecting
    • Using the Telephone
    • Handling the “Gate Keepers” and Voice Mail
    • Build Phone Dialogue Sheets
    • The Shipper Packet
    • Your Company Profile
    • Developing the Shipper Letter
    • Developing the Shipper Profile
    • Qualifying the Shipper
    • Develop the Rate with the Shipper
    • Shipper/Broker Contract
    • Development of a Shipper Database
  • Carriers
    • The Carrier Packet
    • Finding trucks
    • Developing the Carrier Profile
    • Qualifying the Truck
    • Develop the rate with the carrier
    • Carrier/Broker Contract
    • What is a Contract between You and the Carrier?
    • Develop a Carrier Database
  • Dispatching
  • The Fine Art of Negotiation


  • Questions and Answers (Review)
  • How to Become a “Licensed” Freight Broker
    • Obtaining Your Authority
    • The $10,000 Bond or Trust Fund
    • Getting a BOC-3 (Process Agent)
  • Beginning your Business
    • Your Company Name
    • Banking vs. Factoring
    • Your Home Office & The IRS
    • Office Equipment
    • Printing
    • Business Structures
    • Software
  • Helpful Government Websites
  • Structuring your Success
    • Working Smart NOT hard
    • Factoring your Invoices
    • Trust Fund vs. Surety Bond (in detail)
    • Getting Motivated and Staying Positive


  • Questions and Answers (Review)
  • Hands On Computer Instruction
    • Role Playing
    • Truck/Freight Density Stats
    • Locating Shippers
    • Qualifying Shippers
    • Developing Rates
    • Posting Loads
    • Finding Trucks
    • Using the Thomas Register
    • Using the Thomas Regional Directory
    • Qualifying Carriers
    • Mileage Calculations
    • Working the Internet Sources
      • Get Loaded
      • Thomasnet
      • Reference USA
      • Safer System
      • FMCSA
    • Training Exercises
  • Miscellaneous
    • L.T.L. Freight
    • Rail/Container Freight
    • Air Freight
    • Ocean Freight
  • Review of material
  • Open forum
  • Final Exam

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Freight Broker Training Guide

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