"Basics" Online Freight Broker Training

  • Learn about the Freight Broker industry from the comfort of your home!
  • Work at your own pace; no required daily or weekly hours to attend!
  • Attend class whenever you choose during your 60 day course activation period!

Transport Training is pleased to be offering a new and improved online freight broker training course. This course covers all of the "basics" of becoming a broker and performing the day-to-day duties of a broker. Our online course offers a very convenient and self-paced option to our students. In order to present this class, we utilize recorded video webinar technology.

With the recorded webinar video sessions, from your own computer, you will be able to hear the instructor’s recorded lectures and see the instructor’s corresponding presentations. Using Adobe Flash, you will be able to both watch and hear your instructor perform activities such as: finding shippers, calculating rates, using load boards, and qualifying trucks. The "Basics" Online Course covers the same lecture topics as the in-classroom and web conference course. You will also receive the same textbook/workbook materials that our in-classroom and web conference students receive, packaged by way of Adobe PDF. Graduates of this course do receive a Certificate of Completion, packaged in Adobe PDF and emailed upon your request after completing the course.

All course instructions and links to materials and video sessions are sent via email after you register for the class. Within 24 business hours of your completed registration, an admissions counselor will email a "Welcome" email to you with information and instructions for accessing and taking your course. Be sure to read the "Welcome" email prior to attempting to access your course. Because info, instructions, and access are sent by email, when you register for the course, be sure that you supply us with a good email address that you check regularly and that after registration you are checking your email for the "Welcome" email from us.

The textbook/workbook will be packaged in PDF and can be saved to your computer once you have downloaded them. Once the textbook materials are saved to your computer they are yours to use and keep. The video sessions are played in Adobe Flash video format. There are a total of 27 video sessions included in this course. Most of the video sessions run for about 30 minutes each, but a few run as long as 1 hour. We have organized these sessions into 4 different units (totaling 15 hours of instructor lecture time).

Once you have access to your course you can view the video sessions at your own pace and replay to review them whenever you’d like while your course is active. You will have unlimited access to your course for a period of 60 days from the day that you receive access to your course. During those 60 days you can progress through the videos sessions at your own pace. If you complete all video sessions prior to the end of the 60 days, you may continue to access the sessions and review them over again. However, after 60 days your login to the video sessions will be deactivated.

Overview of Units
Unit 1 – Starting Your Business, Legal Filings, Finding Shippers
Consists of Intro Session and Sessions 1 – 8

Unit 2 – Contacting Shippers, Your Shipper Packet, Cash Flow, Qualifying Shippers
Consists of Sessions 9 – 15

Unit 3 – Calculating Rates, Negotiating w/Shippers, Finding Trucks, Qualifying Trucks
Consists of Sessions 16 – 21

Unit 4 – Contacting Trucks, Negotiating w/Trucks, Carrier Packet, Tracking Loads, Billing & Payment
Consists of Sessions 22 – 26

Tuition Costs$900.00 – if entire course is purchased at one time and paid in full.  You can also choose to split the course sessions into two halves (one half being Unit 1 & Unit 2 and the other half being Unit 3 & Unit 4).  Each half can be purchased for $500.00.  Please note:  Agent placement and Certificates of Completion are only available to those students that have completed the entire course.

Registration:  Call to register with an admissions counselor or register online through our website by following the links at the bottom of this page. You may register online at any time. However, your course materials and sessions are sent to you via email by an admissions counselor and will only be sent during our regular business hours. Generally, we will email all course video sessions and materials within 24 business hours of your registration.

Payment:  Tuition cost must be paid in full at the time of registration.  If registering online, our online shopping cart takes all major credit cards.  If registering by phone with an admissions counselor, we take all major credit cards or if you’d like to mail in payment you can do so with a cashier’s check or money order (no personal checks or business checks will be accepted).  Please note your registration is not complete and access to the course sessions are not given until full payment has been received by the school.

"Basics" Online Students Receive The Following Benefits:

  • Continued support from our instructors and staff after graduation via email
  • Referrals to Top Industry Professionals for Surety Bonds, Load Boards, Shipper Locating, and Factoring companies that work with new brokers
  • Discount on Broker Software
  • Agent Placement available into our affiliate brokerage firm to students that complete the entire course

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Technology Requirements:

  • Access to Computer & Internet
  • Email Address that you check regularly
  • Computer MUST have Windows Media Player – most computers already have this installed, if yours does not, go to www.windows.microsoft.com, look under Products, and download Windows Media Player for FREE
  • Computer must have Adobe PDF Reader – most computers already have this installed, if yours does not, go to http://get.adobe.com/reader to download Adobe Reader for FREE
  • Computer must have speakers to hear the recorded sessions

Lecture Topics


  • Overview of the brokerage a business.
  • Developing and Instilling
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Service

The broker/freight agent similarity to the Real Estate broker/agent and Insurance broker/agent

  • The need to be Detail Oriented
  • The pressures on a broker and agent
Overview of the Workbook/Textbook and Legal Terminology and Scenarios
  • A Brief History of the Brokerage
  • "Why become a Broker/Agent"
  • Working from Home
  • Overview of the terminology used in Business

How to Become a "Licensed" Freight Broker

  • Obtaining Your Authority
  • The $10,000 Bond or Trust Fund
  • Getting a BOC-3 (Process Agent)

Beginning your Business

  • Your Company Name
  • Banking vs. Factoring
  • Your Home Office & The IRS
  • Office Equipment
  • Printing
  • Business Structures
  • Software

Helpful Government Websites

Getting Started

  • Methods to Prospect for Shippers
  • Qualifying the Shipper
  • Developing Rates
  • Terms and Conditions
  • The Load Set Up Sheet
  • Building the Shipper packet
  • Building the Carrier Packet


  • Marketing (10 sources for finding Shippers)
  • Contacting the Shipper
  • Prospecting
  • Using the Telephone
  • Handling the "Gate Keepers" and Voice Mail
  • Build Phone Dialogue Sheets
  • The Shipper Packet
  • Your Company Profile
  • Developing the Shipper Letter
  • Developing the Shipper Profile
  • Qualifying the Shipper
  • Develop the Rate with the Shipper
  • Shipper/Broker Contract
  • Development of a Shipper Database
  • Factoring your Invoices


  • The Carrier Packet
  • Finding trucks
  • Developing the Carrier Profile
  • Qualifying the Truck
  • Develop the rate with the carrier
  • Carrier/Broker Contract
  • What is a Contract between You and the Carrier?
  • Develop a Carrier Database

The Fine Art of Negotiation

Dispatching &Tracking the Load

Invoicing Shippers & Paying Carriers

Structuring your Success

  • Working Smart NOT hard
  • Getting Motivated and Staying Positive

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