Independent Truck Dispatcher Training Book

Independent Truck Dispatcher Training BookTTI now offers an Independent Dispatcher Training Book available for purchase by immediate download.  Truck or Freight Dispatching is an excellent work at home opportunity.  Small trucking companies and owner operators are in need of good dispatchers to help move their loads.

The Independent Dispatch Training Book can help you learn how to start your own dispatching business and successfully run it. 

The book is 141 pages in length and includes the following topics:

  • Starting your Dispatch Business
  • The Fundamental Skills of an Independent Dispatcher
  • Knowledge of Trucking and Truckers
  • Marketing as an Independent Dispatcher
  • Understanding the Load Boards
  • Working as an Independent Dispatcher
  • Types of Equipment
  • Terminology
  • Driver Slang & CB Codes
  • Sample Forms & Paperwork
  • And Much More

Purchase The Downloadable Independent Dispatcher Training Book - $40.00

(PLEASE NOTE: This download is available by a temporary link after purchase, so please be sure to SAVE this book to your computer after you have downloaded it.)

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